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  • Crossing The River Jordan: My First 5 Chapters

    Crossing The River Jordan: My First 5 Chapters

    My Grandfather Sherman Maust was a Mennonite carpenter. In a step of faith he moved his family from Michigan in 1948 and built a church with his own two hands at 717 West 7th Street in Upland California, developing a community to serve others here in the wild west. While keeping to the Mennonite traditions the church grew and thrived.

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  • The Facebook Question |Part 1

    The Facebook Question |Part 1

    Letter to My Son Christopher Hi Chris, On March 27th 2010, you asked a pivotal question “does America or the whole world HATE talking about religion.”.…What an awesome question Son! I had a question of my own I asked around age 8-10 years old which was: “If a little boy in China, who never heard of Jesus died would me go to hell?” Since questions have power, decisions are made and philosophies shape lives…you deserve a real answer. In 2010 […]

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  • Bill Bright : Surrender Is Everything

    Bill Bright : Surrender Is Everything

    While waiting to meet Abraham the first time, on a table in the India Campus Crusade For Christ headquarters, I noticed a simple flyer introducing me to a man I had never heard of named Bill Bright. It was in one paragraph that it was finally clear to me what a real Christian is and how wrong I had been to..

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