Auctioneers Make Bad Grocery Clerks?

Ok sue me I love the Geico commercials! Some commercials can be the funniest and I have always loved the creative process.

Another is…..Hump Dayyyy

I did some research on an agency that produces the Geico ads called the “Martin Agency”.

They are a major ad agency now and are super creative

I can imagine that these guys sit around and have allot of fun coming up with the ironic. I just wanted to make a section of the blog devoted to some of these funny commercials.


This video goes behind the scenes encouraging interns to join the Martin Agency, shows the creative process:

The Martin Agency was founded in Richmond, Virginia, on July 5, 1965. In 1969, we made our first big, national splash with the “Virginia Is For Lovers” campaign that continues to run today.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Adams joined the agency in 1973 and became President in 1992. Mike Hughes, President and former Chief Creative Officer, has been with the agency since 1978. Under John and Mike’s leadership, we have grown from a small, regional shop to one of the nation’s leading agencies.

Promoting The Kingdom

There are allot of new media opportunities in sharing the gospel as I have seen amazing work being done. Here is an example of what I am talking about:


Forerunner Media Institute (FMI) exists to equip media messengers with solid biblical training and media skills and tools to reach this generation.

It is obvious that vast new expressions of media are quickly unfolding. We encourage you to come and be part of what God is doing in this generation through media. We are committed to raising up forerunner messengers to proclaim the Word of the Lord to the nations. Through FMI you will be equipped with the relevant skills and tools to effectively communicate with today’s generation, crossing language and cultural barriers through media.

If i were called I would choose to use my talents to motivate people through this new medium of communication.

Two ways to go, one doing something cool and the other doing something with real impact.