Audra Lynn ‘Kingdom Come’: With Lyrics

Kingdom Come
Words and music by Audra Lynn

Album: onething LIVE: Before His Eyes

Glory be to God, the Everlasting Father

Glory be unto the Lamb, the Prince of Peace

Dwelling in the midst of flaming stones of fire

Your name be praised

Glory be to God who reigns over the heavens

Glory to the Lamb who’s seated on the throne

The pillars of the heavens shake before Your glory

You reign on high


Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

Release wonders in the heavens

And signs in the earth below

Come and pour out Your Spirit as in the days of old

That Your sons and daughters would prophesy

Our Father in heaven hallowed be Your name

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven


Audra Lynn Hartke has been singing on stage in churches since the age of five. She began to take an interest in several instruments when she was seven, including drums and other kinds of percussion. Her mother was a worship leader at their home church in Seattle, Washington, so Audra was able to gain much experience in being part of a worship team. When she turned fifteen, Audra became aware of the lack of spiritual conviction and Holy Spirit activity in her life. She began seeking a more personal relationship with the Man Christ Jesus. Out of that deepened relationship, she began to write music and learned how to play guitar.

Audra and her family moved to Kansas City, Missouri, in 2003 to join the International House of Prayer. Audra was drawn to the NightWatch hours of the prayer room, where the intercessors and worshipers gather every night from midnight to 6am. She spent the next four years of her life growing deeper in love with God as she offered up praise in the night.

As for her inspiration, Audra says “The goal behind my music is simple… I want to touch the heart of God.” She also feels a freedom to express herself without formula: “I follow no rules when writing my music except that they praise and glorify my Maker.” When writing songs, she says the creative process varies but the result is always a love song to Jesus.

After years of seeking the Lord through song, she is now a seasoned songwriter. Audra says that without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and an intimate relationship with God, all her music would be nothing more than noise.

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