Casting Crowns: ‘Set Me Free’ With Lyrics

On October 10th, 2010 I made a video for my kids to try and explain my life. Later that day after watching this 45 minute video, I fell into despair.

It was too much of me and not enough Jesus. Plus I knew the only way to reach my kids is through a loving relationship,  it is my presence and my interest in their lives that make the difference.

So, I cut myself off….

God had tried to protect me from all evil, but it was my curiosity to “know” and closing my eyes to the truth that had lead me off the cliff so many times in my life. I remembered the move “A Few Good Men” starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson with the scence where Tom’s character is demanding truth and he is answered “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

I occurred to me that that is what God was trying to say to me all my life in love “Steve, let me lead, you really don’t want to know the truth….”

I think you get the idea, that is why Jesus came to earth first as a man and then after death, rose again as as a life giving spirit.

That’s it, no over complication.

So instead of some long 45 minute video I instead extracted a Victory Outreach video from YouTube, added scripture in certain places and a few comments. These lyrics are powerful and the skit by Victory Outreach really tells the story better than I can…so now I will cut myself off again and let you watch…

“Set Me Free”

It hasn’t always been this way
I remember brighter days
Before the dark ones came
Stole my mind
Wrapped my soul in chains

Now I live among the dead
Fighting voices in my head
Hoping someone hears me crying in the night
And carries me away

Set me free of the chains holding me
Is anybody out there hearing me?
Set me free

Morning breaks another day
Finds me crying in the rain
All alone with my demons I am
Who is this man that comes my way?
The dark ones shriek
They scream His name
Is this the One they say will set the captives free?
Jesus, rescue me

As the God man passes by
He looks straight through my eyes
And darkness cannot hide

Do you want to be free?
Lift your chains
I hold the key
All power on Heav’n and Earth belong to me

You are free
You are free
You are free

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