“Every Captive Free” With Matt Gilman

The original video of Lou Engle praying is not on YouTube anymore.

I replaced it with this awesome video.

Matt Gilman – Every Captive Free Lyrics

For the spirit of the Lord God is upon me
Because He has anointed me to preach good news
Take away all of the sorrow and your mourning
To give the oil of joy and the garment of praise

For I have seen you in your captivity
And I will open up every prison door
So arise, and shine for your light is coming
And My glory is rising upon You

And I am dancing over you
And I am singing over you
Songs of deliverance
And I will set every captive free
And you will be with me

For you are mine

And I will carry the weight
Of all your iniquities
I’ve carried the burden
Of all your shame
And I’ve called you by name
I’ve called you by name
And you are mine

I found this video on YouTube and it’s great!: