Piercing The Darkness : Voice Of Truth TV

3/14 2011 Basic VOT tutorial


After my experience in India I was so very grateful to be back with my kids. I was facing some real difficult times as there was allot of tension and uncertainty in my family and I actually had snails coming out of the floor in my house!

Instead of getting depressed I decided to make a funny video with my kids surrounding thanksgiving and then go to a local ministry to see how the living stones were caring for people in need.

The first few minutes of this joke video are just us having fun but at 3:50 seconds you can see the snail issue and then my daughter and I going to Pomona First Baptist church to document their thanksgiving give:



3 years later who would have thought this would be the result!

The independent Christian video sharing site “Voice of Truth TV” has exceeded 100,000 video views, surprising the sites creator.

(Newswire.net — October 1, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — Voice of truth TV maintains a small collection of Christian videos with topics ranging from early Christian writers like C.S. Lewis and Charles Spurgeon to classic and modern day bible teachers like James McDonald, evangelistic organizations like Billy Graham, Campus Crusade for Christ, and topics ranging from the origins of life, pro-life discussions, new spirituality movements with teachers like Ravi Zacharias as well as groups like Voice of the Martyrs surrounding the modern persecuted church and a section devoted to Christians in Muslim countries.

A sample of top Christian hits including Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Tenth Avenue North along with gospel artists like Hezekiah Walker and a wide range of other Christian music. Site visitors can watch the Jesus film in over 1100 languages online and hear the bible read in over 750 languages and translations.

The traffic to the site was a surprise to the creator of the site because it was originally designed to be a collection he would share with his children. According to site administrator Steve Maust, ” I wanted to design a place my kids could come and learn about the incredible impact of the true church on the world which always begins with one believer taking God directed action. I thought they could learn on their own time and in a way they are used to exploring … though video”.

Video sites like Voice of Truth TV are becoming more common as people develop niche sites more targeted toward a specific topic. “I really wanted a place my family could come if something were to happen to me suddenly and find the truth I have found” says Steve. “In 2008 doctors woke me from a induced coma while on a respirator to say goodbye to my family. Doctors said I had a 97% chance I would die within 12 hours. When you face something like that, you want to really communicate the most important issues of life and It was pretty hard to do while on a respirator with a dying body. Now the site can deliver the truth no matter what physical condition I am in”.

Since creating the site in 2010, with just a small handful of videos and later MP3 audios people from all over the world have found and viewed the content. “that’s a great bonus for sure, to think you could create a site with no experience all on a free platform and hosting costing about 4 dollars a month that more than 100,000 people would share in is a testament of how God sets things up. I thought I was just doing this for my four kids, but God has bigger plans” Steve says. “I found videos like; Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus which really get to the heart of the matter that has really gone viral. The name ‘Voice of Truth’ came from a song by the Casting Crowns that outlines a surrendered life and how Jesus wants to release people from the fear that keeps them from living a life of healing and adventure. The idea of a TV station came from travels to India and the execution of the name was actually though a joke video my kids and I made for Thanksgiving.”

Voice of Truth TV is built from the free script provided by PHP Motion and hosted by a video hosting provider. It uses the .tv domain becoming common for new internet media sites because of the “TV like” identifier. Since the site uses Flash script it is not compatible for viewing on Apple devices like the iPad or iPhone. “We want to extend the capability of viewing on non-flash based OS and to date no formal SEO was implemented to date and the site is really just a framework to build on.”

Steve says. “In the grand scheme of the internet 100,000 views isn’t much, Campus Crusade’s Jesus film has 6 billion views to date and sites like Youtube have millions of views daily. But my hope is to expand the reach of the site and to partner with a established ministry to really build the site to something that would have a wider reach. If we can reach 100,000 just playing around we can reach a hundred million through focused effort.” Source: Newswire


3/14 2011 Basic VOT tutorial from Steve Maust on Vimeo.