The Deep Dive:

If you’ve never heard of free diving, imagine this. Launching yourself hundreds of feet into the sea with little more than a mask, a heavy dose of bravery and one deep breath.

Spear fisherman and pearl divers have been free diving for thousands of years. But a growing number of people are now doing it for sport.

There are hundreds of competitions around the world with athletes testing their limits, and good sense, by diving as deeply as they can without scuba gear.

You may remember, our Bob Simon gave us a first glimpse into that world about eight years ago.

But now there is one man who is dominating the sport. 34-year-old Russian free diver Alexey Molchanov. He is known within the diving community as “the machine” — the undisputed king of the deep.

Off the turquoise coast of Long Island in the Bahamas you’ll see Dean’s Blue Hole. From overhead it looks like an ink well. 663 feet deep, it is the perfect place for dozens of the worlds elite free divers to try and re-write the sport’s history. This is the annual “Vertical Blue Competition.”